Healthy Aging – A Long, Healthy and Happy Life

Healthy Aging – A Long, Healthy and Happy Life

As we grow older, the period of time that we live in good health does not increase at the same rate. Due to lifestyle choices, many people spend some years of their life with one or more chronic diseases, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease.


The Healthy Aging Sector promotes an increase of a healthy and active life as well as affordable and humane health care. A key element entails improving the health and well-being of people. Northern Dutch companies and scientists collaborate on research and achieve groundbreaking results. The Dutch researcher Ben Feringa has even been awarded a Nobel Prize! A unique example of our groundbreaking research is: Lifelines. Since 2006, over 167.000 inhabitants of the Northern-Netherlands have participated in this research-based program.


Tailor-Made Business Tour on Tuesday 


For Tuesday we will offer a tailor-made program for you! The tours will be adjusted to your wishes and needs. Within a week of your registration, you will be contacted about designing an interesting program in which you can meet and/or visit Dutch companies, knowledge institutes, sector-related networks, and demonstration sites.  


In reference to the focus sector Healthy Aging the following tour is an example:


You could visit to the UMCG, University Medical Center, Groningen and the Life-Lines project. Researchers and entrepreneurs will be most obliged to share with you the results, services and products which they have developed. You can also visit the Healthy Aging Network North Netherlands (HANN) and learn about the project First Man-Made Blue Zone. This project has been helping to transform communities in the Netherlands into areas where making healthy choices is easy, enabling people to live longer with a higher quality of life. This is a collaborative venture between the Province of Groningen, local hospitals, the food industry and social community services.


For more information on this sector in the Netherlands click here or take a look at the website of Invest in Holland!