Real Estate (Re)development

Real Estate (Re)development

Contemporary real estate project development requires a sustainable use of building materials. Where old buildings were demolished in the past, it is becoming increasingly popular to focus on redevelopment or re-use. This saves a great deal on the cost of (basic) commodities. Dutch real estate developers show how they can create sustainable opportunities in this field. They make smart choices regarding the redevelopment of land and buildings.


Tailor-Made Business Tour on Tuesday

For Tuesday we will offer a tailor-made program for you! The tours will be especially adjusted to your wishes and needs. Within a week of your registration, you will be contacted about designing an interesting program in which you can meet and/or visit Dutch companies, knowledge institutes, sector-related networks, and demonstration sites.  


In reference to the focus sector Real Estate, the following tour is an example:


On this tour, you could visit a number of recently redeveloped real estate projects in and around Leeuwarden. A number of architects and real estate project developers show the consequences of their decisions and what we can learn from them. Additionally, the discussion will focus on current global sustainability challenges, as well as the means of meeting such challenges.