Water Technology

Water Technology

The health of our global population is highly dependent on the availability of sufficient, affordable and healthy water. Healthy drinking water is not only important for human consumption, but also for agriculture and industry. Leeuwarden is home to a great number of companies and scientific institutions working worldwide on innovative solutions for the production, distribution, use and recycling of healthy water. Most of them are affiliated with the WaterCampus and research institution Wetsus.


Protection Against Water

Water protection is another water challenge. Global warming changes the climate and increases the sea level. Many countries are already below sea level. This calls for solid measures, such as adequate coastal protection and waterworks. Dutch companies are quite experienced in this area and will gladly share their ideas with the world.


Tailor-Made Business Tour on Tuesday

For Tuesday we will offer a tailor-made program for you! The Tailor-Made Business Tours will be especially adjusted to your wishes and needs. Within a week of your registration, you will be contacted about designing an interesting program in which you can meet and/or visit Dutch companies, knowledge institutes, sector-related networks, and demonstration sites.


In reference to the focus sector Water, the following tour is an example:


During the Tailor-Made Business Tour - Water Technology, you could pay a visit to Wetsus and WaterCampus. The tour also take you to companies with some actual examples of situations in which these techniques may be applied. For example, an innovative waste water purification plant, a laboratory equipment factory and applications of innovative sensor technology.


During this tour, you can also be informed about the developments around the new “Afsluitdijk”, the dike connecting the tip of the Dutch peninsula “Noord-Holland” with the east of the country. This icon of Dutch water management is on the brink of an innovative development. The new “Afsluitdijk” will be home to many technological innovations, making it suitable for the 21st Century.